In the year 2005 ODESA has constructed its Holiday Home at the golden sea beach of Shreekshetra Puri on its own land named as SHREEKSHETRA ODESA BHAWAN AT PURI (SOBP) at a cost of Rupees twenty four lacks and land cost of Rupees seven lacks and opened for its members for use. It was innaugurrated by the than Honourable speaker of OLA Sj Maheswar Mohanty on 5.01.2005 It is situated in Baliapanda within a walkable distance from   the seabeach, Jaggannath temple and Lokanath temple. Now the first floor is in progress. The main motto is to give a pleasant stay and home like atmosphere for our members at puri while they are coming for darsan of Lord Jaggannath ,Sun temple at Konark  , Dolphins at Satpada  , Alarnath at Brahmagiri and a sea bath in Bay of Bengal.

Other than this the vital thing is to provide all sort of facilities during the funeral ceremony at “Swargdwar” .
There are  are three nos of suits with attached bath rooms along with one big conference hall for conference and meetings in ground floor while another seven rooms are under construction in first floor which will be completed very soon.

 The role of members and the office bearers of Puri Divisional Committee for completion of the construction work  and also for management is praiseworthy and without their cooperation it could have not been possible. So many many thanks for all of them.
A Life member of ODESA who has enrolled himself as ODESA Bhawan Founder Member by paying a minimum amount of Rs 1000.00 is eligible for free accommodation at SOBP.. He/She will be issued with an OBFM Card which needs to be produced at the time of stay in SOBP
  • An ODESA Bhawan Founder Member(OBF MEMBER) who has donated Rs. 1,000/- (Rupees One thousand) is entitled to avail 2 days free accommodation in one calendar year by paying the utility/ service charges only.
  • An ODESA Bhawan Founder Member who enrolled himself as Golden Member by paying Rs.15,000/- (Rupees fifteen Thousand only) will be allowed up to 5 days free accommodation in one calendar year by paying only the utility/ service charges. The name of the donor will display on display board in the lobby as Special donor.
  • An ODESA Bhawan Founder Member who enrolled himself as Diamond Member by paying Rs.40,000/-( Rupees Fourty Thousand only) will be allowed up to 7 days free accommodation in one calendar year by paying only the utility/ service charges. The suit will be named as per the choice of donor for memory. His Son/ Wife will also be allowed two days free accommodation in each calendar year after the death of the member.
  • For accommodation beyond the free period normal room rent will be charged.
  • To avail the SOBP is subject to availability of accommodation and on production of OBFM card only.
  • All the above facilities will also be applicable for the retired Diploma Engineers.
  • The free Accommodation is meant only for O.B.F.M members in person not for their relatives. However the relatives can avail the suits by paying normal rent.
  • Proposal is there to have veg. kitchen facilities with a minimum fixed rate for a standard meal. Proposal is also there to provide standard and safe traveling facilities with reasonable charges to travel within Puri and to Konark, Bhubaneswar, Brahmagir, Satpada etc
  • Proposal is there to arrange” Sradha”, Funeral Ceremony” etc at Puri on request to a bonafied member of his/ her family member on payment of minimum charges.
  • The conference hall can be used for meeting, seminar, Marriage, thread wearing ceremony etc. on rent by the members as well as outsiders with prior permission of Central Executive Committee.
  • A managerial Committee has been formed in the Chairmanship of Addl. General Secretary by the Central Executive Committee as per the provision of constitution to manage the SHREEKSHETRA ODESA BHAWAN AT PURI