A Junior Engineer, with diploma in Engineering qualification & serving under the State Govt. posted from the panel maintained by the Govt.
An employee of the Orissa Junior Engineering Service having qualification of Diploma in Engineering
An officer promoted to any higher rank from any of the above ranks.
A Diploma Engineer serving in any other post in the State Government analogous to Junior Engineer post.
Every such person wishing to be enlisted as member shall apply in the specified bio data form with fees of Rs 1000.00 (Rupees one thousand only) to the General Secretary or to the Secretary of the Divisional Committee wherein he/she is employed and it shall be construed that he is agreeable to abide by the constitution and rules of the Association.

N.B. If any discripancy found in the data base, please bring to the kind notice of General Secretary, ODESA only through e-mail: odesa_1944@yahoo.com for correction and necessary updation.

This data base shall not be used for any legal purpose.