All India Federation of Diploma Engineers(AIFODE) which represents four lacks Diploma Engineers of the country is publishing a monthly journal featuring useful articles in Engineering ,Literature ,activities of AIFODE, details of pay structures & allowances prevailing in different States for Diploma Engineers, Circulars of Govt. Of  India and other States, activities of different State units of Diploma Engineers. It is a medium of communication among the Diploma Engineers of the country right from Tamilnadu in south to Jammu & Kashmir in north and Arunachal Pradesh in East to Gujarat   in west to know each other. The journal immensely helps in strengthening the brotherhood among the member –brothers by sharing each other’s feelings through it.

So, be a proud member of the journal by paying your subscription of Rs200.00 for two years or Rs400.00 for five years. Contact General Secretary, ODESA or directly to the Secretary General, AIFODE.

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