The purpose of this fund is to grant substantive relief to a member of the ODESA  in the circumstances, If a member expires and leaves behind him a widow and children who are in need of financial assistance.
To provide a  larger benefit to members of ODESA, some changes have been made in the prevailing Ray Chudamani Relief Fund scheme and the amended scheme has been named as “ Revised Scheme of Ray Chudamnai Relief Fund,2008” . It has been approved by 63rd General Body. One bonafide member of the Association can be enrolled himself under this scheme by subscribing Rs.3000/- as one time deposit and he will be awarded with a certificate  of Assurance to take the benefit of the scheme.
    1. In case of death of the Certificate Holder, his / her nominee / legal heir will get an amount of Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lakh) only as relief.
    2. He/She is eligible to get financial benefit of an amount upto Rs. 50,000/- for his/her treatment of critical diseases, such as cardiac surgery, kidney transplantation, Dialysis, lever plantation and cancer only. In case of his/her death, the amount so disbursed earlier to him/her will be deducted from the relief amount of Rs. 1,00,000/- and rest amount will be paid.
    3. To avail the critical disease treatment benefit, one RCRF member is required to submit sufficient medical proof from reputed / recognised Hospital in support of the disease as well as the treatment availed through the concerned Divisional Committee and sanctioned amount will be disbursed on production of authentic treatment documents.
    4. The locking period of the Scheme is one year.
    5. This facility is valid with in service period of the Donor only.
    6. The Certificate holder can get back the initial deposited amount on production of this Certificate after his / her superannuation from the Govt. Service without any interest within one year, if he would not have availed any kind of benefit from this relief fund.
    7. The intimation of death should be intirrater4 to the General Secretary within a month of the occurrence positively either by his/her family member or by the concerned D.C./S.D.C..
    8. The Application of the Legal Heir along with Legal Heir Certificate, Death Certificate as well as this Certificate in original should reach the General Secretary within three months through the concerned Divisional Committee for payment.
    9. The relief Amount will be paid only in shape of A/C Payee Cheque in the name of the nominee / legal heir of the deceased through the concerned Divisional /Sub-Divisional Committee.

N.B. : Terms and conditions are subject to change in due course in accordance to decisions of Appropriate Forum of ODESA.

N.B : Members are requested to avail the benefit of the scheme and enrolled themselves in large number.