The Orissa Diploma Engineer’s Service Association, known as ‘’ODESA’’ was formed during pre-independence on 12th June, 1944 by the then in service Diploma Engineers of Orissa  State Govt.. The head quarter of the Association was in Cuttack, the thousand years old city of Orissa, as it was the capital of the state. After independence, the capital of Orissa state shifted to Bhubaneswar, known as New capital and the Head Quarter of the Association also shifted to Bhubaneswar. It was recognised by Govt. Of Orissa vide letter No.3076/Poll dt.12.6.1944

Since the formation of this Association, it is functioning regularly and actively. It is the oldest and biggest organized Association of the state in Govt. Employees sector.  In the year 1944, only some finger count Diploma Engineer’s had enrolled themselves as members .But at present, the member strength have crossed to Seven thousand and Eleven Departments are  affiliated  to it . Its life time membership for individual members is Rs.500/-  only .

Formerly, the name of this Association was “The Orissa Subordinate Engineers’ Service Association’’ and after change of designation of Sub Assistant Engineers, to Junior Engineers, the nomenclature has been changed to The Orissa Diploma Engineers, Service Association’’ since 1981.

The organizational structure of ODESA has been started from grass root level i.e. from Block Level. There are 314 nos. Of Blocks in Orissa State and ODESA is having 314 Block level committees. There are 66 Sub-divisional Committees throughout the state. The District Level Committees, called as ‘’Divisional committees” are the most vital organisational platform of this Association. In addition to 30 nos. of revenue district headquarters of the State, other 16 places where more than 50 Diploma Engineers have been deployed by the Govt. have been given the Divisional committee status.  So, at present, 46 Divisional committees are functioning actively throughout the state. Total State organisation has been divided into 11 zones for better organisational activities. The Central Executive Committee is the Apex body for execution of the Association activities. There is a council known as “General Council” which meets at least 4 times a year, ones in every three months to monitor and review the activities of the Association. The members of the Council are the President Secretary of 46 Divisional Committees, Zonal Secretary of 11 zones and office bearers of Central Executive. The central Executive Committee meets at least once in every month to review the progress of activities as well as to review the financial position and to pass the monthly cash account. The supreme body of the Association is the General Body which meets positively once in every year.

The office bearers and members of central Executive Committee are being elected every year by the general members through secret ballot. The Chief Election Officer being elected by the third General Council schedules the election programme every year and the valid voters participate in voting. The office bearers of Divisional Committee are being elected every year by the members of concern Divisional Committees in presence of the central Executive Committee representatives.

Other than organizational activities, ODESA plays vital role in social work such as, organising Blood Donation camps, Relief to flood & cyclone victims, donation to Saheeds, Donation to Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, Drinking water camps in peak summer, avenue plantations Drinking water facilities in different hospitals etc. A full fledged air-conditioned special cabin constructed by ODESA has been handed over to the Capital Hospital Authority for use of general public in the year 2008.
In the year 2005 ODESA has constructed its Holiday Home at the golden sea beach of Shreekshetra Puri on its own land named as SHREEKSHETRA ODESA BHAWAN AT PURI (HOLIDAY HOME) and opened for its members for use. Now the first floor is in progress and will be completed before 31st December 2009.

A monthly Journal named as “THE TECHNOSCRIBE” is being published regularly since 1974.More than 3000 copies are being published and distributed among the members and others.
Every year about 11000 copies of Engineers’ Diary are being published on behalf of the Association and are being distributed among the members and others.
ODESA has observed Silver Jubilee after completion of 25 years and Golden Jubilee after completion of 50 years and also Diamond Jubilee after completion of 60 years.

We are organised and marching forward for the well-being of the Diploma Engineers as well as the well-being of the State.